Saturday, July 6, 2013

Megan D Day 5

In 5 days I managed to replace 6 ribs. My next big project will be rebuilding the transom.


  1. fascinating work! What did you use to guide the reconstruction of those ribs? Was there enough of the existing to use as a template? Also would like to know what fastening method you used to secure the planking to the ribs. You are living my dream of restoring a Rosborough, lad. So envious. I know it is expensive and a ton of work, but these fine vessels are rapidly falling into derelict status and will soon be gone except for men like you. Wish I could be one of them, but would have to sell my wife to do it. lol

    1. Hello Don, thanks for the kind comments. I used as much of the old ribs as possible to rough them in. then I put them up temporarily in place and used a stringer and my eye to finish shaping them.
      Indeed there is only a few left. about 4 that I know of. I just saw Rosborough's personal ketch for sale in DC. looks like they kept her up pretty well, but he used the best wood on that one :)


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