Monday, October 7, 2013

Megan D Day 23 and 24, planking the port side


  1. I was the third owner, from Aug 98 to Jul 03. We did a partial rebuild, though not nearly as complete, in Port Townsend, from Aug 98 to Jun 99, then sailed her to San Diego. From Sep 99 to Jan 03, we used her for youth sail training in San Diego Bay, under the Continental Navy Foundation. I'm sure glad to see someone giving her the rebuild she needed! My best wishes! I have all her drawings from Rosborough, as well as her sail plan, if you need anything of that nature.

  2. Thanks for posting Cpt Tom, we can't wait to get her back in the water. I am using only the best materials so that she will be good for another 35 years :)

  3. I grew up on Meagan D. My Mother, my Father, my dog Pat, my cat Bullet, and of course myself. I remember replacing the whole bow, and most of the port side just as you have it pictured. My dad also put the teak deck down and remasted the lady. The bow stem is Iron Bark which to this day I haven't been able to find nor have I found a wood that is harder. It hurt me to see her all opened up again. At the sametime thank you for posting this. Thank you for not changing her name and thank you for bringing her back. Theres alot of great stories behind her.


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